About Us

ING, LLC (“ING”) designs and commercializes products to enhance human fertility. ING’s patented products offer new technology that creates a protective environment to enhance and optimize conditions for conception, both during natural and medically assisted reproduction. ING’s products are based on naturally occurring plant sugars (polysaccharides) which protect cells and improve their function upon contact.

The Company’s long-term objectives are to provide both:

  1. innovative, safe and effective products for infertile couples and their physicians, and
  2. access to scientific information to assist couples in understanding options and expected outcomes when choosing between medical interventions.

ING is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bio~OriGyn, LLC of Spokane, WA. Bio~OriGyn currently has five issued patents (US and International) with ten additional patents pending. Proprietary ING technology has been successfully marketed since 1996, with one human fertility industry product on the market and an animal fertility product currently being launched.