Welcome to ING Fertility

ING Fertility designs and commercializes products to support couples that are trying to conceive (TTC). Our Products are designed in response to the needs of trying-to-conceive couples and their clinicians as observed during years of federally funded research on infertility. The company’s management team and advisory board (see About Us) consists of some of the top reproductive physiologists in the world.

Why INGfertility?

Ing was a Norse fertility god, whose archtypical qualities are represented by one of the 22 Rune stones of Nordic culture. He is family oriented and a champion of children. He offers strength to follow goals through to completion and is loyal and dedicated. Basically, a “kinder, gentler” Viking kind of guy. His symbol on the Rune stone is that of the “seed sack” or scrotum.

At INGfertility we wholeheartedly support male fertility! Much more is known about fertility in women than in men, in large part because there isn’t much research in the area of male factor infertility, even though 60% of the time the man is involved in a couple’s fertility issues. We celebrate the roles of both the mother and the father in our myths, culture and families.